error in usin list with boost

Heiko Wundram modelnine at
Sun Jun 5 13:00:13 CEST 2005

Am Sonntag, 5. Juni 2005 08:13 schrieb GujuBoy:
> static list retrieval_as_list(SplitText &self, int position,
>          int retrieveLength) {
>         list result;

If I'm not completely mistaken: you know that this usage should (at least 
under all sensible terms) allocate a list on the stack and thus local to the 
function and not on the heap, unless boost does some mumbo jumbo that I know 
nothing of like starting the list with refcount=2? I don't think that's what 
you want...

But for your boost usage, I have absolutely no idea! Why not write the Python 
wrapper directly in C? Just as easy, probably. And from what my experience is 
with using SWIG and SIP: much less errorprone...

--- Heiko.
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