Dealing with marketing types...

fuzzylollipop jarrod.roberson at
Sat Jun 11 00:57:40 EDT 2005

I was completely serious, he is _NOT_ going to win this one. He has
already lost. I have been on both sides of this scenario, the "new
guys" were brought in and will win since they are the new "experts from
out of town". There may be some other _VALID_ business reason that
management has already made up their mind to hire these Java people.
Probably because they want to sell the company or merge with someone or
something and having a Java product would make them more attractive.

There are 2 things he can do.

1. Get your resume ready and approach the CEO or whomever and say. Why
is this happening? Since I can guarantee you they have already decided
to port this app to Java.

2. Be quiet, keep his head down, learn Java fasssstt, start agreeing
with the new party line and get on the bandwagon if he really wants to
stay at this company ( I wouldn't )

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