how to operate the excel by python?

Hughes, Chad O at
Fri Jun 17 20:50:20 CEST 2005

I have posed a more complete answer to your question, however, it is
quite a large and It is awaiting approval.  For now, xlRight = -4152.
You can find this out by opening up Excel and typing the ALT-F11
combination.  From there use the ObjectBrowser.  For example if you type
in the word "xlRight"  you will see that it is equal to -4152.


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		Question please:
		In the post, "How to operate the excel by python," where
did you find the codes for HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment
(Center = -4108 and Bottom = -4107)?  I need the code for
HorizontalAlignment = xlRight.  Is there a table somewhere that shows
these codes?
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