Frame widget (title and geometry)

Shankar Iyer (siyer@Princeton.EDU) siyer at Princeton.EDU
Fri Jun 24 16:21:01 CEST 2005


      I am still new to Python and Tkinter, so I apologize in advance if I do not word my question optimally.  I am trying to use a frame widget as the parent for other widgets.  There is a class with the header "class classtitle(Frame):" in a script called  Having imported classtitle, I create a Frame widget within my gui using the command "w = Frame(self)."  Then, I grid this widget and issue the command "classinstance = classtitle.classtitle(w)."  When I attempt to execute this code, I receive an error claiming that w lacks geometry and title attributes that the code in attempts to access.  Does this mean that I cannot use a Frame widget as w in this situation?  Thanks for your help.


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