MoinMoin WikiName and python regexes

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Wed Jun 8 14:33:23 EDT 2005

"Ara.T.Howard" <Ara.T.Howard at> wrote in message 
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> i'm trying to fix a bug in MoinMoin whereby

A 'bug' is a discrepancy between promise (specification) and perfomance 
(implementation).  Have you really found such -- does MoinMoin not follow 
the Wiki standard -- or are you just trying to customize MoinMoin to your 
different specification.

>   WordsWithTwoCapsInARowLike
>                     ^^
> do not become WikiNames.

Would your proposed change to make the above into an Wiki name also make 
all-cap sequences like NATO, FTP, and API into WikiNames and do you really 
want that?  If WikiNum, appearing one place, were also mistyped as WikeNUm 
(from holding down the shift key too long, which I do occasionally), should 
the latter become a separate WikiName?  I can certainly understand why the 
Wike designers might have answered both questions 'No."

Terry J. Reedy

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