Multiple instances of a python program

Rahul codedivine at
Thu Jun 16 20:47:10 CEST 2005

I am part of a group in my univ where we organize a programming
contest. In this contest we have a UDP based server. The server
simulates a game and each contestant is to develop a team of virtual
players. Each team is composed of 75 similar bots...i.e. governed by
the same logic. Thus the contestant submits a single copy of the client
and we instantiate the same program 75 times at the same time.
The problem is that while executables from C source files are small and
we can make 75 processes but we dont know what to do with python.

If you have a python script and you want that 75 copies of the script
be run simultaneously how will you do it? Is there anyway to do so
without running 75 copies of the python interpreter simultaneously?

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