New WYSIWYG Python IDE in the works

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Jun 16 03:48:00 CEST 2005

Cappy2112 wrote:
> This is great, but it might be worth finding out what the other IDE's
> can do first, as well as their weaknesses.
> Eric3 seems to be the most popular & powerfull. Uop until recentluy, it
> onluy works on Linux, but has been compiled & runnin on Windows, to
> some degree of success.
> QTDesigner is pretty good.
> There's also Boa Constructor, and a handfull of other IDE's.
I's suggest the Boa Constructor be classed with [wx?]Glade and 
PythonCard as GUI builders, though I must confess I am not fully up to 
date on Boa developments.

must-look-at-eric-sometime-ly y'rs  - steve
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