Pressing A Webpage Button

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You also may want to fire an event when a button is pressed such as:


Fires when the user clicks the left mouse button on the object.

Fires when a FORM is about to be submitted.

For more go here:

Elliot Temple wrote:
> How do I make Python press a button on a webpage?  I looked at
> urllib, but I only see how to open a URL with that.  I searched
> google but no luck.
> For example, google has a button   <input type=submit value="Google
> Search" name=btnG>  how would i make a script to press that button?
> Just for fun, is there any way to do the equivalent of typing into a
> text field like the google search field before hitting the button?
> (I don't actually need to do this.)
> If someone could point me in the right direction it'd be appreciated.
> -- Elliot Temple
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