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> Odd-R. wrote:
>> I have a dictionary, and I want to convert it to a tuple,
>> that is, I want each key - value pair in the dictionary
>> to be a tuple in a tuple.
>> If this is the dictionary {1:'one',2:'two',3:'three'},
>> then I want this to be the resulting tuple:
>> ((1,'one'),(2,'two'),(3,'three')).
>> I have been trying for quite some time now, but I do not
>> get the result as I want it. Can this be done, or is it not
>> possible?
> It's of course possible, and even a no-brainer:
> dic = {1:'one',2:'two',3:'three'}
> tup = tuple(dic.items())

I think I'll add a little clarification since the OP is really new
to Python. The (dict.items()) part of the expression returns a
list, and if you want to sort it, then you need to sort the list
and then convert it to a tuple.

dic = {1:'one',2:'two',3:'three'}
tup = tuple(dic)

This points up the fact that the final conversion to a tuple
may not be necessary. Whether or not is is depends on
the circumstances.

>> I must also add that I'm new to Python.
> Welcome on board.

John Roth

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