Dealing with marketing types...

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Sun Jun 12 20:01:22 CEST 2005

just out of curiosity.. where'd you read the 150,000-200,000 servers...

i've never seen guesses that high.. i've seen somewhere as high as possible
100K... but the author stated that he was purely guessing...


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> Andrew Dalke <dalke at> writes:
>> If that's indeed the case then I'll also argue that each of
>> them is going to have app-specific choke points which are best
>> hand-optimized and not framework optimized.  Is there enough
>> real-world experience to design a EnterpriseWeb-o-Rama (your
>> "printing press") which can handle those examples you gave
>> any better than starting off with a LAMP system and hand-caching
>> the parts that need it?
> Yes, of course there is.  Look at the mainframe transaction systems of
> the 60's-70's-80's, for example.  Look at Google.

Based on what I've read, if we could look at Google, we would see 150,000
to 200,000 servers (about half bought with IPO money).  We would see a
highly customized dynamic cluster computing infrastructure that can be
utilized with high-level (Python-like) commands.  The need to throw
hundreds of machines at each web request strikes me as rather specialized,
though definitely not limited to search.  So while not LAMP, I don't see it
as generic EWeboRama either.

Terry J. Reedy


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