Start application & continue after app exits

guy lateur guy.lateurNNOOSSPPAAMM at
Thu Jun 9 14:01:46 EDT 2005

>>Also note that this method of creating tempfiles is technically unsafe,
>>as it is theoretically possible that another process would create a file
>>of the same name in the same directory and then try to use it, resulting
>>in a race condition between the two processes. This is practically
>>unlikely, however, and I'm a pragmatist.

I see what you mean, but wouldn't a call to open(fn, 'w') on a filename 
that's in use (for reading or writing) result in an error condition or 
something? I'm a noob, btw.

Thanks for the info, guys, much appreciated. I'll try it soon (on XP) - I'm 
a pragmatist, too, you see.. 

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