Set/Get attribute syntatic sugar

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jun 29 00:03:40 EDT 2005

Elmo Mäntynen wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>Заур Шибзухов wrote:
>>>Anybody thought about this issue?
>>Perhaps not, but now that you've pointed it out they've taken the time
>>machine back and fixed the problem before it arose:
> Maybe funny, but a bit too cocky for my taste. Robert kern is propably
> right about what he really meant so don't be too hasty in the future,
> right?). 

Elmo, it's probably neither cocky nor funny, but before you pass 
judgment you should Google this group for "time machine" and read 
awhile.  (I was merely attempting to parrot a traditional response that 
is given around here when someone asks for something which is already 
present in the language.)

And whether I misinterpreted the (ambiguous) question or not, my 
response provides the required information to put together a solution to 
the OP's question.  It would just require one extra level of 
indirection, so to speak, to do what Robert suggests he might have wanted.

(Uncocky enough for you this time?)


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