Which kid's beginners programming - Python or Forth?

Rocco Moretti roccomoretti at hotpop.com
Wed Jun 29 15:57:48 CEST 2005

BORT wrote:

> Gentle folk of comp.lang.python, I heartily thank you all for your
> input.  I think I'm taking the boys through the door marked "Logo."  We
> may be back this way, though.  We will likely need MORE in the nebulous
> future.  I am impressed with the outpouring of support here!

Others in the thread mentioned it briefly, but when you do come back to 
the door marked "Python", someone has eased the transition slightly:


'''PyLogo is a Logo interpreter written in Python. Its implementation is 
small, and is based on the language as implemented by UCBLogo. The Logo 
language is a learning language, intended for children for which more 
"complete" languages aren't appropriate. Many of Logos language design 
choices are driven by this, and differ from Python.'''

Although given it's 0.1 version status, it may be a little rough around 
the edges.

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