Boss wants me to program

phil phillip.watts at
Tue Jun 28 14:04:58 EDT 2005

> You are quite correct to point out how much better it is to know what is
> going on behind the scenes.  But heck, once you know how to extract square
> roots - you need to let the computer do it!
> GUI interfaces should be the same deal!
> Thomas Bartkus
I think I pretty much agree. I essentially code my own gui builder

but in text files.

I just think it is really important to emphasise the operative
"but once you know how" in your comments.

Then some would counter with "oh, so we should code everthing
in assembler?"  Ouch. No, I will admit there is judgement
required.  Everything should be done the easiest way, with the
qualification that you need to understand how using someone
else's shortcut leaves you vulnerable.

This guy is trying to get started and looking for our advice and
I saw most of the advice leaning towrd VB (aarrgh!) and I thought
I should give him other food for thought.

I'm going to take this opportunity for a short rant.
I believe our society ( I'm an old fart) is drifting toward
a VERY small percentage of people knowing, caring or even
being curious about "how stuff works".  I teach high school
geometry and am APPALLED at the apathy.  I am concerned about
the future of this nation, economically, but spirtually as well.
So, this influences my advice.  Know how your stuff works if
it is reasonable.
Tom Wolfe talked in a book about two kinds of kids.
Those that play video games and those that make video games,
and the numbers of the latter is shrinking.

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