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Tue Jun 28 04:35:42 CEST 2005

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>I see. So... what about sending HTML email? If i send HTML tagged text,
> the client will be able to read it as HTML?
> For example, if i send an email with: <header></header> <body>
> <b>Yo!</></body> will the client read a bold Yo! ?
> Because i can replace tabs with tables if this is possible.

To send HTML, you definitely need a mimetype. Otherwise
some clients will autodiagnose as HTML and attempt to render
it, some won't. Strictly speaking, they shouldn't do autodetection.

I also agree with Dan - HTML mail is evil, and I try to avoid it
whenever possible. That's one of the major vectors for worms,
viri and simliar malware.

John Roth

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