Dealing with marketing types...

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Sat Jun 11 01:43:45 EDT 2005

fuzzylollipop wrote:

> There are 2 things he can do.
> 1. Get your resume ready and approach the CEO or whomever and say. Why
> is this happening? Since I can guarantee you they have already decided
> to port this app to Java.

The CEO is probably indifferent about particular technology issues but
certainly not about money. Trashing a ready to use project ( it does
not seem to be a functional prototype ) is clearly a waste of effort
and time. Offer him to draw an architecture fulfilling the requirements
of the "enterprise solution" reusing existing components that is much
less expensive. Arguing that a Python project definitely needs less
programmers than the Java counterpart ( which is very cost effective
because you need less management and administration to lead them -
remember that a programmer is always cheap compared to a manager ). A
new ambitious manager wants to enforce changes. That's part of the game
and one has to assume this.

Remember also that there is not only a lot of hype and buzz around Java
technologies but one can also spread adjectives like "agile" in the
debate and buzz back ( doing politics ). There's still a lot to exploit
in this direction: the "agile" company/department relies on lightweight
methodologies, technologies, languages, thinking, eating, drinking and

O.K. if the boss is nervous, carefull and weak and goes directed by
it's servants one may be off-chance.


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