Two questions

qscomputing at qscomputing at
Thu Jun 2 15:45:18 CEST 2005


I've developed in several other languages and have recently found
Python and I'm trying to use it in the shape of the PythonCard
application development tool.

My two questions:

1. What is the easiest way to create a for loop in the style I'm used
to from Delphi ie:
for I:=0 to 2 do begin

2. Philospohy(sp?) aside, I could potentially want to create a
binary-only distribution of my finished apps. I noticed the
documentation on .pyc files: how do I create these and, aside from
being basically read-only, are they used just like ordinary .py source
files? And can they be easily reverse-engineered?

  - QS Computing.

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