Dealing with marketing types...

Philippe C. Martin philippe at
Sat Jun 11 21:43:14 CEST 2005

This is the never ending story of the cyclic (I'm being redundant) life
cycle of many companies: R&D driven versus Marketing driver.

My belief is that none work as the trades do not attempt to reach the same
1) R&D should not try to define products
2) Marketing should not try to impose the tools/means necessary to implement
the products they have defined.

I know that does not help

flyingfred0 wrote:

> A small software team (developers, leads and even the manager when he's
> had time) has been using (wx)Python/PostgreSQL for over 2 years and
> developed a successful 1.0 release of a client/server product.
> A marketing/product manager has brought in additional management and
> "architecture" experts to propose moving the entire thing to a Java
> (application server) platform for the next release.  They want a
> "scalable, enterprise solution" (though they don't really know what that
> means) and are going crazy throwing around the Java buzzwords (not to
> mention XML).
> The developers (including myself) are growing uneasy; the management is
> continuing to push their requirements and ignore the engineers.  I think
> there's still hope, but I'm at a loss for ideas beyond pointing out the
> success stories of Python and Zope and language comparisons between
> Python and Java.
> What experiences have those in the Python community had in these kinds
> of situations?

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