inactive Spambayes w/ Outlook

Peter Hansen peter at
Fri Jun 10 04:00:44 CEST 2005

tendengarci at wrote:
> I had installed spambayes with outlook 2003 a while ago and it worked
> great. Then I did who know what it stopped working. I would click on
> the 'delete spambayes' toolbar icon but nothing would happen. I clicked
> on the 'spambayes' icon for options but nothing happened. I uninstalled
> and reinstalled a number of times with no luck. I just downloaded and
> installed version 1.1a1 and still no luck. I would love to get this
> working again. 

The following link might help.  Pay particular attention to item 6 under 
"Addin doesn't load", since what you describe is very similar to a 
problem I had which that sequence fixed for me.


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