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Tim Roberts timr at
Sat Jun 11 07:59:27 CEST 2005

Renato Ramonda <renato.ramonda at> wrote:

>Tim Roberts ha scritto:
>> wx uses "sizers" to do the same thing.  Same purpose, different philosophy.
>> I find sizers more natural, but people should certainly stick to whatever
>> makes them comfortable.
>I like sizers too, but in my experience wx apps do not use them. Are 
>they by chance something that came with the 2.5/2.6 development cycle?
>That version is still pretty rare in real world applications.

Hardly.  Sizers have been the primary method of placing multiple controls
in wx for as long as I've been using it, which goes back to 2.3.  In fact,
it's hard to create a non-trivial wx app WITHOUT using sizers.  All of the
wx GUIs place controls in nested sets of sizers.
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