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I would check out the shuttleworth foundation's schooltool

> Hello-
> I just picked up my daughters' report cards for the year (they did well, 
> thank-you) and was approached by the school administrator about writing 
> an Acess application to help track attendance for next year 
> (excused/unexcused, after so many unexcused absences a letter will be 
> generated, etc.).  Since I have a feel for how large this request will 
> become, I googled for school administration software on the Python site 
> and was pleased to get 312 "hits".  There's software out there but -- 
> alas -- it's difficult to tell what is being used, what people think, 
> what's being maintained, etc. 
> any of you have experience with any of this software?  This is 
> for a small (~400 students k-12), private school that is not swimming in 
> taxpayer dollars and I would rather use Open Source because we will 
> probably need to customize some reports, etc.  Any advice you have would 
> be welcome.
> Thanks,
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