Background thread or non-blocking raw_input

Jorge Louis De Castro jorge at
Sun Jun 26 14:10:20 CEST 2005


I've posted this before but the answer given made use of twisted functions that do not work on windows, so i'm forced to repost.
Basically, is there a way to have a thread running on the background that over rules the raw_input function?
The example I'm working on is something like having a thread that prints "You're taking too long" every 10 seconds, while waiting for input from the user.
The problem is that I can only read (and in batch) the thread printout messages on the console after giving something to the raw_input function.
Is it not possible to have the thread print its stuff and then return to raw_input() ? 
Any code examples or pseudo-code or documentation directions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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