OT: Boston-Area QA/Python Job

Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 21:20:08 CEST 2005

Sorry for the off-topic post everyone. The company I work for has a
job opening for a Senior QA/Automation person, and they are looking
for someone strong in Python to help develop tests/testing

The complete job description follows - you can feel free to email
resumes and questions to jnoller at gmail dot com the company website
is http://www.archivas.com

Job description:

Senior QA Engineer – Test Automation 

Archivas is actively seeking a highly motivated, self-starting QA
Engineer with a strong development background to help in the
development of automated tests. In this position, you will be
responsible for defining, executing and developing tests to help to
increase or test coverage and to ensure product quality. This will
require strong development skills and  solid QA skills . You will also
be responsible for the analysis, report generation, and communication
of test results.

This position will be responsible for the following:
- Develop test plans and test cases to ensure product quality.
- Automate tests (preferably in Python or Java) to be executed in our
Automated Test Framework (written in Python)
- Test development and execution at all levels (unit, component,
integration and system, white box and black box)
- Develop and maintain testing tools/scripts (preferably written in
Python or Java)
- Report product defects and track defects to closure.
- Work closely with development to resolve escalated issues.
- Help prioritize product defects and feature requests.
- Help review and contribute to product documentation.
- Act as backup and escalation path for Technical Support.
- Assist in the support of beta customers.

Position requirements include:

- 5+ years experience testing systems products 
- Comprehensive knowledge and application of Software Quality
Assurance methodologies
- Experience developing automated test cases
- Strong development experience in scripting or programming languages
(specifically: Python or Java).
- Experience testing and developing automated tests for a mixed Linux
(*nix) and Windows environments required.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills. 
- Computer Science Degree or equivalent experience.

Additional Skills (a plus):
- Experience with relational databases such as PostgresQL or SQL
- Experience with QA testing tools: code coverage analysis tools,
performance testing tools, automated test tools
- Experience with software development tools: source code control
system such as Perforce or ClearCase, build tools such as ant or make,
and bugtracking tools like Bugzilla or ClearQuest.

Desired Personal Characteristics: 
- Independent: Able to grasp high level product requirements and
translate these to detailed test plans. Capable of gathering required
information from engineers and product marketing to perform job
- Strong sense of ownership: Sees defects throughout their lifecycle;
from detection to resolution.
- Assertive: Champions causes that will benefit the company. Willing
to engage engineers and management in discussions on bug resolution.
- Communicative: Takes an "open source" attitude to quality assurance.
Keeps others in the company informed and up to date on his or her
priorities, current tasks and work completed. Encourages constructive
criticism on his or her work.
- Accountable: He or she should be a results-oriented team player who
leads by example, holds themselves accountable for performance, takes
absolute ownership, and champions all aspects of quality initiatives.
- Sense of urgency. Escalates quality issues when appropriate;
maintains a sense of "bug ownership" to see all issues through to a
successful resolution. Strives to turn around issues with an efficient
and effective approach.
- Flexible and adaptable. Should be able to switch gears in various
high-stress situations and apply themselves to quickly learning new
technologies and adopting new methodologies.

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