how to retrieve info about print jobs

Guy Lateur guy.lateur at
Thu Jun 9 17:18:57 CEST 2005

Hmm, this only seems to work for jobs that originate on the machine running 
the script. I really need something that actually gathers the info from the 
printers (net-based). Would that be possible at all?

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On 6/2/05, Guy Lateur <guy.lateur at> wrote:
> We have several printers in our company network. I would like to know if 
> it
> is possible to check the current print jobs/queues for each of them. That
> way, if a user wants to print something (big), I could give her a hint as 
> to
> which printer would get the job done first. We're using win2k and xp, btw.

You can probably do this with WMI. Ah yes, see

You can drive WMI from Python with Tim Golden's WMI module -

Do let us know what you come up with!

Simon B,
simon at, 

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