Better console for Windows?

Brett Hoerner bretthoerner at
Tue Jun 28 05:13:41 CEST 2005

Rune Strand wrote:
> I know that problem... it's extremely annoying!
> Here's one way to solve it;
> 1. Start 'Device manager'.
> 2. On the menu, click 'View' and check off "Show hidden devices"
> 3. Locate 'Beep' 'under Non-Plug and Play Drivers'
> 4. Right-click 'Beep', select 'Disable'

Christ, thanks.  When you install Windows it should pop up first thing
and ask if you want to be annoyed, Y/N.

Well, that solves my sound problem (thanks again), now if only I could
stretch the window horizontally.  Thats much less of a problem though,
this is at least usable now.

Thanks again, Rune

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