access properties of parent widget in Tkinter

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Thu Jun 16 14:50:15 CEST 2005

I think that using "backgrounding" doesn't solve your problem. I suppose
that you must fork the processes to let them run independently and
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William Gill wrote:
> I am trying to get & set the properties of a widget's parent widget.
> What I have works, but seems like a long way around the block.  First I
> get the widget name using w.winfo_parent(), then i convert the name to a
> reference using nametowidget().
>   self.nametowidget(event.widget.winfo_parent()).hasChanged= True

Personally I think it is bad design for a widget to assume anything about
its enclosing environment. What about passing a StringVar or IntVar to the
child widget and letting it work with that?


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