extreme newbie

cpunerd4 cpunerd4 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 02:41:36 CEST 2005

Hello programmers,
  I stumbled onto the python language by chance and it looks like a
great language. Although from what I've read so far (which isn't much)
I've guessed that python is purely an interpreted language unless its
compiled into another language (ie. it needs python installed in order
to run programs). Is this correct? If it is, I guess my plan of action
would be to use python embeded in java applets.
 Another question I have: Does any one know any really good, really
easy to understand python books? I would prefer one that is avalible
online for free, but I would also like to know my choices in print.
Thanks in advance for any advice,

P.S. I'm 14 and I know HTML, PHP, and I know about many others!

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