Graphs/statistics using wxPython

Jan Danielsson jan.danielsson at
Wed Jun 29 20:34:28 CEST 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
>>    I wanted to plot some statistics, so I wrote a simple wxPython class
>> to do it. Then I realized that I would like to draw bar graphs, so I
>> added that too.
>>    Since I'm a complete Python newbie, I haven't done much of it the
>> "Python way", I suspect. So, I'm wondering if someone would like to show
>> me some of the tricks I should have used.
> Trick #1:
> import matplotlib

Oh. :-)

That's a pretty neat trick -- now can you make my embarrassment go away?

   I did do a quick search to see if anyone had done anything similar;
but I guess I wasn't using the right keywords.

> ;-)

You may point and laugh.

Damn, that's a neat toolkit! Thanks for pointing me to it!

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