refactoring, unit testing, ant, etc.

Dave Rose s_david_rose at
Thu Jun 9 01:26:20 CEST 2005

Hello all
  I've been learning Python for the past few months, reading tutorials and 
postings here.  I've bought the personal Komodo then downloaded Eclipse with 
Pydev.  IDLE also is a staple of everyday use.

  ~10 years ago, I had CS as a minor in college.  I learned some C and modula-2 
to name the relevent languages.  Back then I was compiling on a VAX.  Much 
different than today.

  I was hoping someone could guide me a bit with current-day practices.  I've 
been pythoning along, but I hear about things I don't know about (re-factoring, 
unit-testing, debugging, ant build tools) and I don't know how they're 
applicable to make my life easier.  Tutorials didn't shed too much light -- 
they make it seem to be more work than I need now.

  To be clear, I've used debuggers in the past, but it seems when I set break-
points, the Eclipse just skips merrily past them, or steps at every line, and 
for wxPython, that's annoying given all the support libraries.  I also use 
wxPython and wxGlade, so those seem to ignore debug mode completely for some 

  Can someone please shed some light onto how I should really use my IDE to 
make my life more enjoyable?  I feel I just don't know how to use the tools 
that are available, and that's frustrating.

Thanks so much!

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