Riccardo Galli riccardo_cut1 at cut2_sideralis.net
Wed Jun 15 13:13:49 CEST 2005

On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 03:12:07 -0700, Michele Simionato wrote:

> Having a class that returns instances of some other class is horrible, but
> since you asked for it:
> class A(object): pass
> class B(object): pass
> class Foo(object):
>     def __new__(cls, arg):
>         if arg=="a":
>             return A()
>         else:
>             return B()
> print Foo("a")
> print Foo("b")
>              Michele Simionato
> P.S. don't do it!

Ciao Michele.

I have n classes wich share the same interface.
I then have a single class which add functionality to all the n classes,
using their interface.
The only way I see to make this single class inherith from the choosed nx
class is this one.

If there is a better approach, I can implement it.

Thank you for the answer,

Riccardo Galli
Sideralis Programs

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