['ext.IsDOMString', 'ext.SplitQName']

Farkov, Serge SFarkov at osler.com
Mon Jun 27 17:42:33 CEST 2005

I am using python 2.4, py2exe 0.5.3, PyXML 0.8.4., and have the same



My research shows that this is due to wrong references in PyXML code.


For example, I found such definition (and couple more similar):


c:\python24\lib\site-packages\_xmlplus\dom\Element.py(27) from ext
import SplitQName, IsDOMString


Should be changed to "from xml.dom.ext import SplitQName, IsDOMString"
to be properly resolved by py2exe


To get Adhoc solution for this problem, scan the code and replace all
occurrences of "from ext" to "from xml.dom.ext"



Serge Farkov 



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