Running WMI within a Windows service

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Tue Jun 21 17:22:51 CEST 2005

[cameron.mccloud at]
| Hi,
| When trying to import the WMI module in a Python Windows 
| Service, I get
| the following:
|     dynamic module does not define init function (initwmi)
| The WMI version is 0.6. Python 2.4 on Win32, Python Win32 extensions
| version 203

This is almost certainly caused by a problem which
I consistently fail to mention on my site every time
it comes up. In essence, the service you've defined
will run in c:\winnt\system32, where there is an
file called wmi.dll (which presumably implements
the core WMI functionality). Python, looking for
a "wmi" to import, finds this -- which could be
a Python module -- and tries to import it. And fails.

Possible solutions:

1) Within the service code, switch directories to
   some other directory before importing wmi.

2) Rename to something else (
   and import that.

3) Run the service as a named user, which will run
   within that user's home directory. (Not at all
   sure about this one; haven't tried it).


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