Which kid's beginners programming - Python or Forth?

gabriele renzi surrender_it at remove-yahoo.it
Wed Jun 29 11:31:51 CEST 2005

BORT ha scritto:
> All,
> The Forth-Python pull was heading to a conclusion just like "Tastes
> Great" vs. "Less Filling" or Ford-Chevy.  However, friendly folks at
> comp.lang.forth pointed me to Amazon.com and _Mindstorms: Children,
> Computers, and Powerful Ideas_
> by Seymour Papert.  The book is by Logo's inventor and, according to
> the reviews, addresses the larger goal I most want to achieve.

I thought you were limiting the choice to python/forth.
Logo is a nice dialect of lisp, so I think you're making a good choice ;)

But I'd consider Squeak. It is the best educational-but-not-only 
environment I've seen (which does not mean there are not better, but 
I've seen quite a bit of them)

Squeak not only has programming at the hand but it also provide you with 
a complete educational system, with music, painting, animations etc. And 
there is nothing that could get a kid involved like making a rabbit explode.

> I now want to read the book.  Period.  However, my kids both love Legos
> which uses a Logo implementation for their robotics toys.  I could
> probably capture both the 10 yr old AND the 7 yr old if we can spring
> for the $200 Lego Mindstorm set.  Sort of blows away my specification
> of "free," but...
> In my earlier browsing, I eliminated Logo early on, thinking we would
> hit its capability ceiling too quickly and then backtrack in order to
> make a transition to a "REAL" language.
> uh... I've been browsing on Logo tonight and, even without the Lego
> robots, I may go that route.  Shoot, I thought Logo was just moving
> hokey sprites in increasingly complex patterns until I saw the book
> list at:
> http://el.media.mit.edu/logo-foundation/products/books.html
> Hmm...  When all is said and done, maybe the choice is kind of like
> physical exercise.  I can spend weeks choosing the most effective work
> out and diet combination.  But, until I cut back on biggie size grease
> brugers with double shakes and get off of the couch every now and then,
> the choice of workout is moot.  In fact, one I use is better than the
> "best" that I don't use.
> Gentle folk of comp.lang.python, I heartily thank you all for your
> input.  I think I'm taking the boys through the door marked "Logo."  We
> may be back this way, though.  We will likely need MORE in the nebulous
> future.  I am impressed with the outpouring of support here!
> Thanks to all!

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