Open running processes

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Tue Jun 28 15:08:14 CEST 2005

| I have a programm. In this program i've made the restriction that only
| one instance can run at the time. (done with mutex).
| Now i'd like it to open the running (make visible) instance when
| someone want's to open it a second time. 
| Does anybody know how to do this? I hope you all understand what i
| mean. My English isn't to good...
| Greetz Rudi

Rudi; you're going to have to give some more information.
It's clear that you're on Windows (because of the Mutex) but you
don't say what form your program takes: is it a console app?
something with a visible window? something which runs in the
systray? Is it done using wxPython? PyQT? Tkinter? Something else?

Assuming it's a program with a window, there are several options
open to you (as I think I mentioned when you asked this question 
last week). Unless someone has a ready-made solution they're ready 
to post, a fair amount would depend on the nature of your program, 
and the amount you know already or are prepared to learn about how
Windows apps work.


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