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Mon Jun 13 15:47:18 EDT 2005

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> man this is the worst advice I have ever heard, you can't "walk away
> with code" someone else paid you to write. Regardless of what your
> perceived slight is.
> NEVER take code you were paid to write unless you have it in writing
> that you can, you will lose that one everytime.

I'll agree here.  If you were hired as an employee for salary or an hourly
wage, you will have no standing whatsover as "owner" of the work you
produced.  If your ex employer charges you with theft, it will be a slam
dunk in court. You don't own what you produced for your employer.  Even if
you were fool enough to do much if it on your own unpaid off hours.  Even if
they reneged on some verbal promises to you in order to con you into doing
so.  It sucks but that's the way it is.

However - I certainly sympathize with the desire to fight thievery with
Unfortunately, you can't win that way. Unless, of course, you can do it
without being caught :-)

But that only gets you revenge - not payment.
Thomas Barkus

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