import error on solaris

Atul Kshirsagar atulkshirsagar at
Thu Jun 16 23:41:10 CEST 2005

I am embedding python in C++ using SWIG. 
* The appication runs as a server. 
* Mutiple clients send requests which execute some
python scripts with import statements. 
* Each request is handled in a separate thread which
has its own interepreter for script execution.
* Requests are succesfully completed fine for some
time and then I see some "ImportErrors" for example
"ImportError: No module named string" 

Apart from these python replated errors I see some
"too many files open" errors in my other server code. 

Other than solaris things work fine on other unix
platforms and windos too. One additional thing I do
for solaris is 
"import DLFCN; sys.setdlopenflags(DLFCN.RTLD_NOW |

One of my question is, is importing some module create
a file handle ?

Any help on this is appreciated.

Atul Kshirsagar

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