Two questions

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 2 18:30:35 CEST 2005

qscomputing at wrote:
> Thanks to you all for the quick response.
> I've noticed that when I do
> $ python
> the file myprog.pyc file is not created, but the .pyc files for files I
> import *are* created. Is this intentional and, if so, how do I get the
> myprog.pyc file?

I thought the docs covered this, so I left it out.  The
"main" .py file is not converted to a .pyc file for reasons I can't 
remember (and don't care... after it, that's just the way it is).  If 
you really need a .pyc for it, the simplest thing to do is "import 
myprog" from the interactive prompt.  The compileall module I mentioned 
would also be able to do this.


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