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qwweeeit at qwweeeit at
Tue Jun 7 20:51:43 CEST 2005

Hi Rob,
thank you for your reply. I am further commenting on your doubts ("I'm
not entirely sure what the point of your exercise is") and on your
proposal of a project for more structured tutorials.

About the second item, I fully agree with you. I should be even more
drastic: for a certain argument I'd prefer an application fully
explained (also if not covering all the features) to a more general
tutorial with only brief and unrelated code snippets.
Unfortunately, that's not the way things are normally done, because it
is much harder to build a useful application and fully comment it (also
from the theoretical point of view, like, for example, OO or database

As far as the 1st item is concerned, I know that Cookbook Python is
frequently updated, but for my purposes also a "freezed" situation is
OK, and "grepping" is much more useful than "googling" over the web.
For that reason I want also add to the repository "my" examples of
Python scripts, to build on already known tools.
To give an example, the other day I wanted to use "writelines()" to
save a list to a file. Having already used such a file method, but not
remembering where and when, I was obliged to consult the Library
Reference for the sintax and  for the type of list instead of merely
cutting and pasting from my code...

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