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>>So what do you think? What's wrong with the picture? Why isn't
>>there a greater priority to work in this direction?
>    > What's wrong with the picture?
> Just one teeny little item.
> The Python world lacks the phenomenally successful development models
> enjoyed by the now ancient Turbo Pascal, Delphi and <gasp> Visual Basic.
>     AND
> If the likes of Visual Basic can have it, then it becomes really, *really*
> hard to convince the world that Python is a serious, professional system.

You mean the "wimp gui builder + db -> ui pipeline" model ? If yes, C
doesn't have it, C++ doesn't have it (in fact most languages doesn't
have it) - and the fact is that C and C++ are usually considered as much
more "serious and professionnal" than VB and the likes.

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