Alternative Ways to install Python 2.4?

Peter A. Schott paschott at
Sat Jun 18 01:06:12 CEST 2005

Only thing I know to watch out for is they don't include SSL support - something
the Python 2.4.1 msi file does include.  I needed that for something I'm working
on and had to install 2.4.1 over ActivePython to get the SSL support.


David Van Mosselbeen <david.van.mosselbeen at> wrote:

> James wrote:
> I have also some troubleshouting when i will work on mapped drives.
> Let's take a example :
> A Word doc on a mapped drive. Double click on it (i try to open it).
> And waiting ...
> waiting...
> nothing do
> > If this is a bug with the standard distribution alone, maybe he can try
> > ActiveState's distribution (ActivePython) instead.
> When i work on Windows XP i use Python distributed by the ActiveState's and
> find that ActiveState's included really good stuff into this package. It's
> a really good when you plan to use it on a Windows box.

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