Renato Ramonda renato.ramonda at
Fri Jun 24 21:52:29 CEST 2005

Johannes Findeisen ha scritto:
> some filesystems do support that. From the ext2 specification
> ( ):
> "As a response to these problems, two new filesytems were released in
> Alpha version in January 1993: the Xia filesystem and the Second
> Extended File System. The Xia filesystem was heavily based on the Minix
> filesystem kernel code and only added a few improvements over this
> filesystem. Basically, it provided long file names, support for bigger
> partitions and support for the three timestamps."

That is, if it is mounted do do so. Just pass a "noatime" parameter to 
the mount command (or fstab line) and the atime (access time) will not 
be written.

Common when using very slow storage devices, or devices with somewhat 
limited read/write cycles (like old compactflash memories).

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