Bailo's LSD: Linux_Shamanism_Delusion.

Jeff_Relf Me at Privacy.NET
Fri Jun 3 07:07:10 CEST 2005

Hi  Bailo, Leonard_Blaisdell and  Phaywood,

I commented:  Targeting Win_XP is taboo somehow ?  It shouldn't be.

And Bailo, under the heavy influence of LSD, the Linux_Shamanism_Delusion,
asked:  Why target a dying OS that a Top Tier ISP has abandoned ?
  Earthlink is featuring the thrifty Xandrox Desktop.
  A $69 PC that is Internet Ready?  Earthlink has it!
  It can't be done with the buggy and expensive Windos...

As I've told you a quintillion times, Earthlink's insanity aside,
Win_XP is a virtual network, quite indepent of the connection used.
Linux is hardly an OS, it's just a kernel.

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