Python as client-side browser script language

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Wed Jun 1 13:50:39 CEST 2005

Rune Strand wrote:
> What would it take to create a Firefox extension that enables Python as
> a script language in the browser - just like Javascript? Is it at all
> possible? Are the hundred good reasons not to bother?

There are certainly security issues. A simple implementation
that started a "normal" Python script fetched from a web page
on the shady parts of the web, could certainly create a real
mess. Ouch. Today, there are really no security features in
Python. Those that used to exist were remvoed since they weren't
considered good enough, and giving a false sense of security
wasn't considered a good idea...

Of course, one might suggest that it's the task of the browser,
and not of the scripting language, to provide a safe sandbox
where scripts can mess around and without causing havoc on
your computer. Such a system in the browser could be used to
grant different rights to different parts of the net, regardless
of what kind of scripting language the resources on those parts
of the net use. When Firefox has something like that, it's time
to start marketing Python for client side scripting I think.

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