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On 2005-06-18, Renato Ramonda <renato.ramonda at gmail.com> wrote:

>> And also, from what I know, the Java virtual machine is more
>> popular (and installed on more computers).
> And it is also HUGE, so anyone NOT having it will think twice
> before downloading it only for your app. Python on the other
> hand is installed by default on all linux and OSX machines,
> and on windows you can use py2exe and produce packages of
> 2-3MBs (correct me if I'm wrong). with everything bundled.

That's about right assuming you thrown in a few of the larger
libraries like wxWidgets.  A Win32 installer for a simple
Python app with bundled Python .dll starts at about 750K.

Python + py2exe + innoSetup rocks.  People have no idea they're
running a Python app.  The app installs and runs just like any

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