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Thu Jun 23 16:13:58 CEST 2005

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> Cameron Laird wrote:
> > OK, I'm with you part of the way.  Typical "Access" developers
> > are *always* involved with DLL hell, right?  You're surely not
> > saying that Python worsens that frustration, are you?
> I think Dan was commenting on flaws in Microsoft's products,
> not in Python. As I understand it, he was suggesting to use
> something else than Access with Python, not something else
> than Python with Access. The O.P. wanted a database for his
> Python app, and Thomas Bartkus suggested Access.

Not exactly!

I suggested the built in Microsoft DAO or ADO database libraries which he
could use without need to distribute with his app.  The Access application
is simply another client app that sits on top of DAO/ADO and would be quite
unnecessary here.  Any Python/DB application you wished to distribute for MS
Windows would do best talk to the ADO library directly - end of distribution

* Everyone with WindowsXP already has the DAO and ADO libraries.

* Not everyone has (or needs) MS Access which one would have to pay for and
could not distribute freely with ones Python app.

* Python has no need of MS Access in order to create, maintain, and
manipulate databases using Microsofts built in ADO database facilities -
although a developer *might* find Access useful as an inspection/debugging
tool on his own workstation.

All of which used to confuse the hell out of me :-)
Thomas Bartkus

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