ANN: GallerPy 0.7.0

Freddie freddie+usenet at
Thu Jun 16 16:12:30 CEST 2005

GallerPy is a fairly basic dynamic web gallery written in Python and
uses the Python Imaging Library. It is licensed under the terms of the
BSD License.

Features include:
    * Fluid CSS layout
    * SCGI support
    * Other exciting stuff

GallerPy is available for download from the MadCowDisease web site:

Or via Subversion:
svn:// (occasionally broken)

Changes in this release:
* Add 'show_header' and 'show_footer' options to control the output of HTML 
header and footer information.
* Add 'root_local' and 'root_web' options to allow easier embedding of 
GallerPy into other applications.
* Include .BMP and .JPE in the list of recognised extensions.
* Include '.svn' in the default hide_dirs listing.
* Strip empty "<!---->" tags from output.
* Change how we do top padding of thumbnail images so it works in that nasty 
cow, Internet Explorer. RAGE.
* Change the default header_file from index.txt to header.txt, since index.txt 
is a bit confusing.
* Fix ShowError() not working properly if GallerPy is running embedded in 
something else.

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