any macro-like construct/technique/trick?

François Pinard pinard at
Sat Jun 4 14:08:38 CEST 2005

[Georges JEGO]
> Mac a écrit :
> >     # .... do some stuff
> >     if debug:
> >         emit_dbg_obj(DbgObjFoo(a,b,c))

> Assuming your debug functions always return true, you could use:

>      assert emit_dbg_obj(DbgObjFoo(a,b,c))

> and have this code executed -or not- depending on the use of "-O"

Dirty, dirty trick :-).

`assert' is quite useful in its real and genuine purpose.  There is
something heretic in allowing side effects in `assert' statements.  A
few centuries ago, Python programmers doing this were burnt in public,
and this is how Python got forgotten for so long.  (Guido rediscovered
it a dozen years ago, the wise guy attributed all the merit to himself!)

François Pinard

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