my golf game needs gui

Mike Hoy mhoy4 at
Thu Jun 9 08:19:33 CEST 2005


i've been writing a golf game in text only. this was to work out some of
details. it's great but making a golf course with ---'s and |||'s is
kinda silly looking. (at least to some..) 

now i'm ready to begin shopping for a gui widget to work with python so
my players can have some kind of pictures and possibly some motion.

i won't be creating figures swinging the golf clubs but would like to
show their golf ball flying thru the air and land on the green for one

will pyQT work for me?

any suggestions on which way I should go next?

i would like my game to work on linux and possibly windows as well,
unless developing for windows means i will have to write it all over

let me know what your reactions are.


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