saving .zip or .txt email attachments instead of deleting them

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Fri Jun 3 02:23:24 CEST 2005

"scrimp" <scrimp212 at> wrote in message 
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> Im using the winpython IDE to run that script for the unpacking the
> email. The usage says unpackmail [options] msgfile. I type unpackmail
> -d filename and it gives me a syntax error. What modifications did u do
> to that module to make it work?

I always run it from the command line. With all due respect to the
authors, there are too many problems with command execution in
PythonWin for me to bother. These aren't precisely bugs, but they
are environmental limitations which make it impractical to use it the
way I usually use it.

And as Peter said, please cut and paste the complete output, including
the command you entered. Thanks.

John Roth

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