What's wrong with Zope 3 ?

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at gmx.net
Wed Jun 1 19:24:19 CEST 2005

Wolfram Kraus wrote:
> Kay Schluehr wrote:
> > The last downloadable release is from november 2004. The Windows
> > installer is configured for Python 2.3(!). The Zope.org main page
> > announces Zope 2.8 beta 2. Is it stillborn?
> >
> > Kay
> >
> What you see is not Zope 3, it is Zope X 3. To quote from the X3
> information page: "Zope X3 3.0 is for developers. If you are expecting
> an end-user application, this is not for you."

Yes I noticed this almost 8 months ago, read a bit of the documentation
and articles published that time, regarded it as interesting and
considered it for future development. But since then absolutely nothing
happened. No project plan, no time-schedule, no subsequent releases.

> The current stable brance is Zope2.X If you want to incorporate some
> functionalty from X3 in Zope 2.X, do a search for "Five"

No, I do not want to migrate components from a new major release
backwards, as well as I do not want to migrate applications from WinXP
to Win98. This seems to be the wrong development process direction.


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