anygui,anydb, any opinions?

Renato Ramonda renato.ramonda at
Wed Jun 8 23:17:04 CEST 2005

Thomas Bartkus ha scritto:
> The attractiveness of wxPython here is that it extends the platform
> neutrality of Python to GUI interfaces.  On a Windows platform, the work
> looks like any other Windows program.  On Gnome/Linux, the identical code
> fits right into the Gnome desktop scheme.  *Big* plus.

Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but please!

wxWidgets apps look ALMOST native on windows (combobox and similar 
widgets are emulated, and look really bad), and they sure _don't_ look 
like gnome apps on linux (gtk maybe, except for those custom widgets, 
but surely not gnome).

Besides, wx generally catches the look, but almost never the 'feel'.

wx is what you use if you really have no other choice, from my point of 
view... I'd honestly prefer to code a _good_ gui with gtk+glade and then 
bundle all the package together with py2exe and InnoSetup on windows. It 
will not look _native_, but it will look _GOOD_.

Last time I looked wx did not have spacers (vbox, hbox and the like)... 
this leads to ugly non resizable vb-style guis, in my experience (just 
look at aMule... plain ugly).

And that's not even starting to consider the version mess: try to 
install xCHM, Boa Constructor, aMule, VLC and some other app together... 
instant madness.

> Yes.  And I'm sorry to sound like I was complaining (but I was :-)
> I'm here because MS is well along it's declining years and I've jumped off
> the .NET bandwagon.  New/wonderful things are no longer forthcoming from

Then download gtk2.6 and glade for windows and then install pygtk and 
code away to your satisfaction! :-D

Usi Fedora? Fai un salto da noi:

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